our practice

We gather to support each other in a variety of mindful practices (mindful sitting, walking, practice songs, deep relaxation and dharma sharing). When we practice in community, our mindfulness grows and so does our happiness.  The mediation is freely offered. We do accept Dana to help us cover our cost. Pali Word Dana

Sitting Practice

Sitting meditation is like returning home to give full attention and care for ourselves.  We sit upright with dignity, and return to our breathing.  We bring full attention to what is within and around us.  We are with whatever is there without being carried away by it.  No need to push, oppress or pretend our thoughts are not there.  We rest in the present moment and let our mind become spacious and our heart soft and kind.  The purpose of sitting meditation is to enjoy!

In between sessions of sitting meditation we practice either indoor slow walking or deep relaxation.

Outdoor Walking Meditation:

Once a month we practice outdoor community walking meditation. We walk silently in nature and enjoy the trees, the sky and being together. We don’t walk in order to arrive anywhere. With each step we arrive in the present moment.

-Adapted from a Plum Village practice manual-

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