our inspiration

We are grateful for having been exposed to a variety of teachings and teachers throughout our collective journeys.  Should you like to learn more about the practices and teachers who inspire us, please feel free to explore the following links:

Associated and guiding teachers:

Thich Nhat Hahn (spiritual leader, poet and peace activist) – Plum Village

Heather Martin (mindfulness and vipassana teacher) – Salt Spring Vipassana

Jeannie Corrigal (mindfulness meditation teacher) – Mindful Living Programs

Other groups and/or resources for mindfulness practice in the prairies:

Calgary Insight Meditation Society – CIMS

Saskatoon Insight Meditation Community – Saskatoon Insight Meditation Community

Seeds of the Dhamma (Calgary) – Seeds of the Dhamma

Other groups and/or resources for mindfulness practice outside of Canada:

Insight Meditation Society – Insight Meditation Society

Spirit Rock – An Insight Meditation Centre – Spirit Rock

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