about us

Happy hearts is guided by a small but growing group of dedicated practitioners, committed to sharing compassion and mindfulness.  Founded in 2013 after several members were inspired by the deep sense of community at Thich Nhat Hahn retreats, the intention was to foster a loving, open, and supportive community in Edmonton.  We trust in the transformative power of present moment awareness, we trust in kindness, and we believe that when we practice in community, our mindfulness grows, and so does our happiness.
Since those early days our intentions have not changed. We remain inclusive and open, welcoming new members who draw their inspiration from other mindfulness teachers. Some of our sangha members have practiced and studied within the Insight Meditation (Vipassana), Yoga, and Zen traditions.
There is no cost to join us in practicing together. A donation (dana) basket helps us cover our costs.  We hope to sit with you soon!
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